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Pablo Serrano Fernández


Address:   International Hereditary
                  Cancer Center (IHCC)
                  Polabska 4
                  PL-70115 Szczecin

e-mail:    ihcc at pabloserrano dot eu

Tel.:        +48 91 4661532
Fax:        +48 91 4661533

Short curriculum overview

  • Born in Madrid, Spain, 1973 and soon afterwards
  • Student at the German School of Madrid, till my graduation in 1991. In the same year I started studying Biology until I got my 
  • Graduate in Biology (1996) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Meanwhile I was also busy with a parallel study. I finished it some years later with the degree of
  • Ph.D. in Biology (2003) at the Universidad de Alcalá , Spain. The dissertation discussed the relevance of some Frequency Modulations  as social signals involved in the electric communication among South American Knifefish. The work has to be adscribed equally to the areas of ethology and bioinformatics. The research was carried out mainly at the Zoology Institute of the Regensburg University, Germany. Click here to access the PhD Thesis (PDF Format). However, my interest field is still very broad and therefore I started
  • Computer Sciences studies (2001) at the aforementioned Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia.


Recent Research Activity

Genetics - Proteomics
From 2002 on, my work at the Proteome Center Rostock focused on the relevance of susceptibility (SLs) quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for the onset and development of different autoimmune diseases. The paradigm was mainly an intergenomic one. Several databases and software applications were developed for this purpose, that are publicly available (see publication list).

During 2004 I worked for the Steinbeis Technology Transfer Center (STZ) in the context of a cooperation between the Institute of Neurology and the Institute of Immunology of the Medical Faculty of the University Rostock. The pharmacogenomics project made use of transcriptomics technology in large-scale therapy monitoring of multiple sclerosis patients. The future projection of the study should assess the applicability of this technology to detect patient groups differentiated a priori as responders or non-responders for certain drug therapies.

I carried out genetic linkage studies in Polish families with high incidence of different types of cancer and association studies on consecutive cancer cases cases at the International Hereditary Cancer Center of the Pomeranian University of Medicine (Szczecin, Poland), between 2004 and 2006, in the context of the VI. European Research Frame to carry out I also analyzed interactions of low and moderate risk markers turning into high-risk genetic combinations. The project was an international cooperation between our university and the Department of Medical Genetics of the University of Helsinki (Finland), the Department of Genetics of the University of Lyon (France) and the Department of Functional Genome Research of the Ernst Arndt Moritz University of Greifswald (Germany) and a number of local cooperation partners in Poland.

Currently I am lecturer for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at the Pomeranian University of Medicine in the field of Biotechnology and guest lecturer at the University of Szczecin. Besides teaching, as a part of my job I further perform biostatistical / bioinformatic analyses in the area of genetics and pharmacogenetics in oncology.

Publication list

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    (This article reached place 30 under the most viewed publications in 2003 after the BioMed Central index, one month after publication date)

  • Serrano-Fernandez P. GFRs and electrocommunication in interacting black ghost knife fish, Apteronotus albifrons. Journal of Comparative Physiology A 2003; 189(9):685-692.[Abstract]

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Congress participations

  • XXI. Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) (Thessaloniki, Greece: 2005). Oral presentation: Prospective intergenomics in MS (Authors: P. Serrano-Fernández I. Mazon-Pelaez, J. Oeckinger, M. Jagodic, T. Olsson, R. Goertsches, D. Koczan, S.M.Ibrahim, U.K. Zettl, S. Moeller).

  • 78th Congress of the German Society of Neurology DGN (Wiesbaden, Germany: 2005) Integration von Expressionsdaten und Genotypisierung fuer die Eingrenzung von Suszeptibilitaets-Genen in der Experimentellen Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis: Expressions-QTL und epistatische Effekte (Authors: P. Serrano-Fernández, S.M. Ibrahim, D. Koczan, H.J. Thiesen, R. Goertsches, U.K. Zettl, S. Moeller)

  • 53rd. American Society of Mass Spectrometry ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry (San Antonio, Texas: 2005) Structure determination of potential biomarker proteins derived from plasma of patients with HELLP syndrome by MALDI QIT Tof MS/MS sequencing (Authors: C. Koy, J. Heitner, M. Resch, P. Serrano-Fernández, T. Reimer, M.O. Glocker).

  • XII. International Conference Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) and III. European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) (Glasgow, Scotland: 2004). Poster: RNA expression as quantitative trait in animal models of multiple sclerosis (Authors: S. Moeller, S. Vogler, I. Mazon-Pelaez, P. Serrano-Fernández, U.K. Zettl, H-J Thiesen, D. Koczan, S.M.Ibrahim).

  • XX. Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) (Vienna, Austria: 2004). Poster: Time-course transcriptomics of IFNB treatment in MS (Authors: P. Serrano-Fernández, Moeller S., D. Koczan, S.M.Ibrahim, H-J Thiesen, U.K. Zettl).

  • VII. International Congress of Neuroimmunology (Venice, Italy: 2004). Oral presentation: Comparative Genomics in Multiple Sclerosis (Authors: P. Serrano-Fernández, Moeller S., D. Koczan, S.M.Ibrahim, H-J Thiesen, R. Gödde, J.T. Epplen, U.K. Zettl).

  • VII. European Workshop on Fouriertransform Mass Spectrometry (Sienna, Italy: 2004). Oral presentation: Identification and Structure Characterization of Disease-associated Marker Proteins using MALDI QIT ToF MSn in Clinical Proteome Research with Patients Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. (Authors: C. Koy, P. Serrano-Fernandez, S. Möller, B. Ringel, S. Mikkat, R. Martin, S. Drynda, K. Kekow, H.J. Thiesen, M.O. Glocker)

  • IV. Ostsee-Symposium Klinische Neuroimmunologie (Warnemünde, Germany: 2004). Oral presentation: Genom, Transcriptom, Proteom und MS (Authors: P. Serrano-Fernández, S. Möller, D. Koczan, S.M. Ibrahim)

  • German Conference on Bioinformatics (Garching, Germany: 2003). Oral presentation and peer-reviewed research article: Non-linear conversion between physical and chromosomal distances (Authors: C. Voigt, S.M. Ibrahim, S. Möller, P. Serrano Fernández)

  • XII. International Congress on Genes, Gene Families and Isozymes (Berlin, Germany: 2003). Pairwise gene homology vs. syntenic regions for the intergenomics of quantitative trait loci (Authors: S. Möller, P. Serrano-Fernández, S.M. Ibrahim, R. Gödde, M. Kreutzer, G. Fischer, G. Drews, J.T. Epplen, M.O. Glocker, H.J. Thiesen)[Full text]

  • IV. International Congress for Bioelectromagnetics and Progress in Science and Medicine (Alcalá de Henares, Spain: 1999) Oral presentation: Behaviour and magnetic detection in invertebrates (Authors: P. Serrano Fernández, J.J. Orgaz Fraile, J.L. Bardasano Rubio)

  • IV. Congress of the European Bioelectromagnetics Association (Zagreb, Croatia: 1998) Poster: A new method for analysis of electrocommunication in wave-type weakly electric fish (Authors: P. Serrano Fernández, J. Álvarez-Ude, J.L. Bardasano Rubio)

  • I. Spanish and IV. South American Ethology Congress (Pontevedra, Spain: 1998) Poster: Size and fitness in Osmia rufa males (Author: P. Serrano Fernández)

Grants and Awards

  • 1994-95: EU ERASMUS grant for pregraduate studies at the University of Vienna (Austria).

  • 1997-99: Spanish FPI grant for PhD studies at the University of Alcala de Henares (Spain).

  • 1999-2000: German DAAD grant for extension of PhD studies at the University of Regensburg (Germany).

  • 2004-2006: EU MARIE CURIE grant for postdoctoral research at the University of Szczecin (Poland).

  • 2005: German QUECKENSTEDT Award for research in multiple sclerosis.

  • 2006: Award of the University of Alcala for the best PhD Thesis presented in Biology in 2003 "Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado".

  • 2006: Award of the Polish Ministry of Health for the best contribution to cancer research in Poland (together with other 10 collaborators).


  • Serrano-Fernandez P., Lubinski J. et al. Determining a Predisposition to Cancer by Identification of Genotype Combinations of Specific Variants of the Genes CYP1B1, BRCA2 AND CHEK2 PCT Patent no. WO2007148997, published 27-12-2007.

  • Lubinski J., Serrano-Fernandez P., et al. Method for determining reduced predispositon to cancer based on genetic profile - Patent application PCT/PL2009/000023

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